Understanding Marketing to Gain More Clients

When running a Salon, the hardest but most important aspects of it, is getting clients through the door.

This is very challenging, however once you understand this simple recipe, your marketing will take your business to new levels.

Learn how to market your business to gain more salon clients. Bring On Salon Success. Salon Coaches and Mentors to grow your Salon Business. One on One Coaching available and Short Online Courses

Can you relate to this as well?

Spending a tonne of money on ads and you are just not getting anywhere
Posting every day and only getting 1 or 2 likes
Ripping your hair out trying to get people through the door
Quickly burning through your hard earned money on advertising and getting no where
Worried about how you are going to keep your doors open
Seeing other salons in your area killing it
You do amazing work but still no one books in
Clients are seeing your posts but not taking actions on them
Sleepless nights trying to think of ways to get people through the doors
Constantly worried about paying all those bills

What if we said your struggles could be a thing of the past?

Attract the RIGHT Clients
Let us teach you how to Identify the clients that you want to attract into your business.

Attracting clients, is what brings in money and by attracting the right client, you will no longer have to discount your treatments and run specials every day to get clients in the door.

Make Your Business Stand Out
Is your business just one of million in your area?

We will teach you how to make your business stand out from the others.

By making your business stand out, it becomes more attractive to your clients, which brings in more money

Get Recognized
How would you feel to have your business recognized easily whenever you post on your socials?

We will show you the way to attract even more clients and stand out even further from your competition, by these very simple changes that will have an enormous impact on your business.

Bring the Sassy
If you are in the beauty industry, nothing speaks to a client more than how your treatment makes them feel.

What if we said to you that we will teach you how to make your client have that feeling before they have even step foot into your salon?

Marketing is about relating to the client before they book in with you. We will talk you through how to create create that feeling, which will bring them flocking in

Hidden Gems
Every course we create, we always through in our hidden gems along the way.

We have secrets in here that will help attract new clients, reach more engagement from your posts, how to trick Facebook and loads more

Are you right for this Course?

The Salon Owner that has never done a Marketing or Advertising Course before
Home or Commercial Salons
The Salon Owner who struggles to get clients in the door
The Salon Owner who struggles to identify with their clients
The Salon Owner who is tired of spending money on advertising that is not working
The Salon Owner that believes there are too many other salons out there doing the same thing
The Salon Owner that thinks that they need to discount their services to be successful
The Salon Owner that is just starting out and wanting to build an empire
The Salon Owner that has no idea where to start with Marketing
Understanding Marketing in order to get more clients into your salon and to make more money. Short Online course for busy Salon Owners