SAY WHATTTTTT?!?! Yep! The busy BOSSES uncomplicated guide to advertising your treatments and getting your Facebook Business Page, exploding with comments and messages from potential clients, that just want in!

Let’s get real, we have f*cked around A LOT with Facebook ads for a long time.

Changing wording, to photos, using emojis, being airy fairy to straight to the point. Literally years have flown by and we’ve finally cracked the code. No lie – these ads are the shit!

We have crafted these ads to perfection. Tweaking them to suit Facebooks ever-changing political
correctness and other bandwagon crap that makes it 10x harder to advertise to your ideal clientele.
But we’ve done it!

All these ads have been accepted and certified with the big green tick of approval
by the Facebooks gods.

But, Facebooks approval doesn’t mean a thing if your ads are getting total crickets. You might as well
just be handing money straight over to Mark Zucks himself.
Good news, these ads have been tried, tested and ADORED – with over 600 comments on some of
these posts – yep our fingers are now little stubs because we answer every single one of them


For the first ten signups we will also ad our tutorial on how to create and ad in Ads Manager!


A video that shows you exactly how to:

Create an engagement campaign
Add your audience
Add interests
Add budget
Add the pre done ad
Tips and tricks on creating the campaign 


This is a no brainer. Everyone wants to save time and we have done all the leg work for you. Work smarter by using our copy and paste Facebook Ads that have been tried, tested and proven to work. These are the exact ads that we have used in our salon, so we know they work!


These are our exact ads. We know they work, we know that you will have people knocking down your door to get in with you. People will be commenting, tagging and messaging, sharing your news with their friends and friends of friends

It couldnt be EASIER

Copy and Paste. It is that simple. Adjust the wording to suit your salon, change the pictures if you want to. It is that SIMPLE!

So, what’s the deal?

You will get a whopping 26 ads (all content included)


– that’s one ad a fortnight for the whole year!
On these EPIC topics:

  • All about lashes
  • All about brows
  • All about tanning
  • All about random! (special events and holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas etc)


It’s all done for you.

Simply copy + paste – just tweak it to suit brand!

Money Maker Online Course for Salon Owners with Ads written for you

Bring On Salon Success “Money Maker” totally makes sense of the chaos that marketing your salon brings! The explanations, the templates, the seamless approach makes it easy to implement. Even better I had measurable results after the first week.
I love how approachable Dee and Steve are. They have a successful salon & that makes following their advice so much more credible.
I can’t wait to continue seeing the results and working with BOSS in the future.

KirstyOwner - Kirsty's Beauty Spot

Content that Converts

You don’t just want your ads to get seen. HECK no. Our ads are designed to get your clients talking to YOU and so much so, they can’t help but tell their friends.

These ads will make your Facebook explode with comments and people wanting to know
We’re not saying you won’t have to advertise ever again, but these ads will set you up on a path to get your community knowing who the hell you are, trusting you and then buying from you
These ads have you covered for the WHOLE year and for almost every scenario: from lash lifts and Valentine’s Day and all sorts of random shit in between. No longer will you be tearing your hair out, with a blinking cursor, asking “what the hell do I write!?”
Take your Facebook ads to the next level that brings in new clients by producing consistent killer content.
Fall in love with Facebook ads and your engagement – because you know you should.
Dee & Steve Moore - Coaches and Mentors at Bring On Salon Success. Online Marketing Course for Salon Owners who want ads already made for them. One on One Business Coaching Available

Why listen to us? We have helped 100’s of businesses over the last 4 years with their ads.

We are emailed daily by other salon owners to review their ads, craft some magic and make their ads
POP so that their clients stop in their tracks and convert.
We want to share our knowledge and help others to learn DIY Facebook ads that really grasp their
brand persona so that they can attract their ideal clientele in a heartbeat.