Make Money from No Shows

Are your NO SHOWS driving you up the wall⁉️
Are you SICK of sitting around twiddling your thumbs
Is your salon LOOSING hundreds, even thousands of 💲💲💲💲 from NO SHOWS 💸

We have created our “Avoiding No Shows” lesson to set you up to:

Get your No Show Rate down 👇 to less than 2%


KEEP your clients

STOP loosing money 💸

You cannot afford NOT to take this course 

In less than 1 HOUR🕐 you will have the KNOWLEDGE, CONFIDENCE and EVERYTHING you need to roll out our tried and tested method on Avoiding No Shows, which has our salon operating at 1.38% No Show Rate!

What will you get from us:

  • Our JAM PACKED uncensored video with the trade secrets YOU need to know, to Avoid those pesky No Shows
  • Behind the Scenes access to the EXACT METHOD that we use to use to run Moore Beautiful, which has kept our No Show Rate under 2% for the last 3 years

Save time, headaches and tantrums with our Ebooks that cover everything you need to start NOW:

Facebook Saved Replies Scripts
Web page Terms and Conditions Template
Sign Me Up....I Need All of This
Phone Call Scripts


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to this course
  • We never want you to feel abandoned so we are offering FREE and EXCLUSIVE direct access to Dee & Steve !!!!

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