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A huge question that does the rounds and that we see on a frequent basis is, why do I need a Salon Business Coach or Mentor?

While that there are a million reasons why you should have a Coach and Mentor in your business, it is more of a rhetorical question.

Recently, I convinced my mother to go see a psychologist. After the session and on the drive home, she said, “I really don’t see the point in going to a psychologist and paying someone just to talk to them.”

Of course, I lost my shit and explained to her that although she believes that she does not see the need in seeing a psychologist, as an outsider looking in, I could see that she did. I was also backed up by her long term friends but hey….that’s another story for another time.

The thing is, even when you see your business running smoothly and without issue, an additional set of eyes looking over your policies, your procedures, your processes, and with an unbiased attention, they have the ability to look past the emotional aspect of your business and see it for what it is.

Salon Coaches and Mentors have the ability to:

  • give honest feedback
  • look at your business without emotion and deal only with the facts
  • guide you from their own personal experiences (both the good and the bad),
  • be able to gather information from a multitude of resources
  • assist you in the complex and convoluted issues surrounding being a business owner
  • map out a plan to help you reach your business goals

Just because you believe your business is running smoothly now, does not mean that there are not ways to improve it, ways to increase your customer service, reduce your overheads, ways to automate your processes and increase your personal free time!

How is a Salon Coach and Mentor different to the Facebook chat groups and the million of threads out there on the internet?


A Salon Coach and Mentor is not just someone that has done a lash extension course that has lasted a day and a half and then decided that they want to open their very own salon, in the front room of their house. A Salon Coach and Mentor is generally, a person/s that have owned salons for years, have won multiple awards, have worked with staff, have gone through all the hurdles of owning, running and operating a business, and most importantly, are not afraid to tell you that they have failed along the way, even with the number of successes they have had

Another massive reason why Salon Coaches and Mentors are the best decision when needing advice, support and guidance….they are a paid service…….who pay insurances that cover their opinions and advice.

They are not your competition, or a local salon that wants to give you bad advice, wants to see your business fail, wants to see you go out of business.

Salon Coaches and Mentors biggest drive in business is to see you and your business succeed and for you to create the business of your dreams. Create a business that eventually, you can leave in the hands of your team while you are working from home or relaxing by the pool. They have nothing to gain from watching a business fail.

Salon Coaching and Mentoring does not have to be about building your clientele or how to advertise. The biggest thing that we see as Salon Coaches and Mentors is salon owners wanting to run their business more effectively and efficiently, bring staff into their salon, price their treatments correctly and the biggest thing……how to reduce the amount of hours working on their business, so they can either step away from the tools or can bring in more clients to make more money.

When was the last time that you had an additional set of eyes look over your business? Look into the processes that you have? Look into the efficiency of how you operate? Guide you on the sticky situations that we all face in our businesses?

Joining a Salon Coaching and Mentoring program is not always about building your business and it doesn’t have to be for months on end. Being able to book in for a single coaching call or single chat for guidance is imperative.

Building and creating a supportive network of professionals around you is one of the biggest advantages and benefits you could ever do in your business. You cannot wear every single hat and still be effective in your business.

Take some of the pressures off yourself and reach out to get that help and guidance from the right people. From the people that have been there and done that. From the people that know what you are going through and have built their own empires in the world!

Of course, we are Salon Coaches and Mentors. We are also Salon Owners. We are about seeing businesses succeed and grow. The days of salons competing against each other is bullshit and if you want to succeed in business, it is time to befriend those other salons because you never know when you may need a hand in your own business and the support that only someone local to you can provide.


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