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A litter of broken bodies and hearts πŸ’” can sometimes scatter the way up your mountain πŸ” of success, but why? Why must we feel the need to bring others down πŸ˜“ instead of lifting each other upπŸ™Œ. We are in this together, in the same industry and should be loving and supporting each other πŸ₯°.
Although over the years the support has gotten better πŸ€ there is still a rife divide between the β€œI am betters” and the β€œI’m not enoughers” why is that❓ The β€œI am betters” needing to get higher and higher but what if they could so without stepping on people and could hold the hand of an β€œI’m not enougher” and guide them though. Then the β€œI’m not enougher” not being scared to ask for help πŸ€—when they need help knowing they will be supported and loved πŸ’™.
⁉️Did you know that even if there was a lash and brow bar on every corner of the street all over the world, there would still be enough clients to go around for everyone🀯! You should not feel the need to have ALL the clients you just need to find the right clients for you.
So be that person that reaches out to a fellow lash artist with something they need help πŸ’™ with or if you need help reach out to someone for help. Our door is always open πŸšͺand we whole heartedly want to see each and every one of you succeed πŸ€©.
So step out into that big scary lash world and say I AM ENOUGH!

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