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If you are reading this, then you have already been beating your head 🤦‍♀️ against the wall because your Facebook Organic Reach has gone down the drain and you are struggling to get your business out there to your followers and potential future clients.

We get it. In the last month or so, even our Salon Coaching Students have mentioned to us that their organic reach is just not hitting the numbers that they used to and to be honest, we are seeing it on our own salon Facebook page too.

So with many sleepless nights🧟‍♀️, long days and many cups of coffees ☕☕☕, we have done our research and testing to find out what is happening and how to navigate the ways of working with Facebook and the changes that are here to stay.

To give you a bit of a better understanding, Facebook changes it algorithms all the time but generally, there are big changes that happen at the start of each year, almost every year. 

This year, 2021, the biggest change to Facebook is that it has gone to Machine Learning. This appears to be the way of the future and if Facebook has implemented it, then you know that within the next few years, it will filter into more and more advertising platforms and advertising will become a bigger pain in the ass, than it already is.

What has changed and how do we beat it?

There is no beating it. It is about adapting and working with the changes and not trying to beat them. Unless you are as big as Facebook, the chances of you being able to beat them is totally miniscule🤏 .

How does the new Algorithm work with Facebook Organic Reach?

Facebook is all about making and creating relationships. Relationships with friends 👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏽 and family 👩‍👦‍👦. Now this does not make it easy for a business trying to market to a potential customer to break into the friends and family network but there are ways to do this.

The algorithm will score the post/information that you are putting out into the world and give the post a “score.” Picture this as though you are back in school and you are getting your test results back 📝. Yep, you are back in school with Facebook 😒

Facebook is scoring your post on key areas, such as Relationship (with the user), Content Type (is it a video, picture, link etc), Popularity (how your posts have been reacted to in the past) and Recency (how new is your post?).

What Facebook does next, is it discards 🚮 the post that the user on Facebook is not likely to engage with. Facebook makes this decision on their past behaviours, likes, comments etc. Yes, all the stuff that you and other users do, affect what they see in the future.

After it scores your post and then chooses which users it will show your post to, based on their history, it then ranks your post on the phycology of what the user does with similar and previous posts. So, if the user generally watches a video and you have posted a picture, you score will be lower. However, if you post picture and they normally give it a “love” or a “caring” like, then the score goes up and Facebook will show your post, higher in the users feed.

And, after you jump through all these school based tests, your post is ranked how Facebook believes it should be ranked, you are then shown to the user depending on your overall score, but in the format and layout that Facebook chooses, which is appealing to the user. So this means that Facebook will not just show the user all videos or all picture posts. It will mix these posts up, so the user it not just scrolling through pictures only before they get to the videos. It may be that Facebook shows them 2 videos and then 3 pictures posts and then 1 video and then another picture post etc.

Now this all sounds extremely confusing 😵 and you are thinking to yourself, how the fluck do we get our organic reach doing anything with all these hurdles and hoops to jump through, over and under.

It is not all lost.

There are always ways to work with the algorithm, so you do not fall into the deep black hole that is Facebook.

It will take effortpre planning and persistence, but you can still keep and grow your organic reach with your posts.

  • Warm Up” Facebook. For 15 minutes before you post on Facebook or your scheduled post is due to go out, “Warm Up.” What we mean by this is, Like, Comment, Share, Tag posts on your Facebook page, for at least 15 minutes before your post is due to go out. This is your way of showing Facebook that you are an active Facebook page, you are interacting with your audience and your are interesting and they should show your post first.
  • Reply, Reply, Reply! If someone comments on the post, reply straight away! If they message your business page, reply straight away. If they like your post, invite them to your page. If they tag a friend, reply to them and thank them for tagging. The more active you are on Facebook, before and after the post, the higher in the news feed, Facebook will show your post.
  • Write your posts in such a way that they make the user “feel” something or react to your post with likes, comments, shares. You want to engage emotions from your users, with your post. When a user is reading your post and they “feel” something, they are more likely to like, comment and share it.
  • Another thing about writing your posts, write posts that makes the user want to comment and other users reply to comments. The more your post makes a user want to comment on it and start a conversation with others in the comments section of the post, the more Facebook will show your post and the higher in the News Feed it will show it! Get creative with your writing!
  • DO NOT use “clickbait” techniques. These are post that say comment for more info, Like us if you agree, Like for Like, Share if you agree etc. Facebook sees all of these and similar wording as “click baiting” and they will actually punish your post more for doing it. If you continue to do it, you may also end up in the dreaded “Facebook Jail”
  • Use videosLive Videos or GIFs more and more. You need to create something that will stop the user from scrolling and check out your post. Think about how you use Facebook personally. What makes you stop scrolling and read something? We bet, 9 times out of 10, it is a GIF or video post. Your users are the same. They need something to grab their attention and stop them from scrolling.
  • Rome was not built in a day.” When you start to change your Facebook marketing, you may not see changes straight away. Everything takes time. Don’t stress yourself if things take a bit of time to get going. They will eventually and when they do, you will start to reap the rewards.
  • For those that have staff, you use them in the salon but you can also use them for your advertising as well. The newest thing that Facebook is loving at the moment, is staff that share business page posts. Not only are you increasing your reach by getting your using your staff to share your post, but you are creating more authority with Facebook because it is your staff that are posting as well. Try this out…….you could potentially increase your reach by up to 50%.
  • Facebook Stories is an area (at the moment) that is not 100% affected by these changes. Users love quick snippets of information. This is where Facebook Stories comes into effect. You can give a small snippet of what is going on in your business quickly and Facebook Stories reel is right at the top of the page too!!
  • This is a no brainer……post when your clients are most active on your page. If that is 6pm at night, then post at 6pm. If it is at midday, then post at midday. Facebook Insights is a very powerful tool on your Facebook Page and the amount of information that you can gather from it is astounding. Use it!
  • Create posts that your users want to readwant to sharewant to comment on. The more interesting the posts, the more engagement you get from your users, the more that Facebook will keep your post higher in the news feed
  • Post frequently
  • Create a private group for your business. This is not going to miraculously change things but you are giving your content 2 different paths for being seen and Facebook also ranks group pages higher in the new algorithm

With all of the information that we have found, the main thing that will keep you reaching more clients is consistency. You need to be consistent on your socials to make sure that your reach is getting to all of your audience, as frequently as possible.


Post entertaining information to your socials and POST DAILY. There is no way around this. The more frequently you post, the more Facebook will see that you interact with your clients, the higher it will rank you on their news feed, the more organic reach you will get.

AND OF COURSE……Zuckerberg wants more money 💰 so PAID ADS are always going to get you the biggest post reach. As much as it sucks, you still need to be doing paid and boosted posts, as well as your standard daily posts.

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