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USP or Unique Selling Point, as it’s officially named. AKA….why people turn over their hard-earned cash to you. What makes you stand out from a crowd of, lets face it 100’s of other lash artists in your area, probably charging ridiculously stupid rates (but that’s a rant for another blog)?! 

Its not rocket science! You can’t be the same as everyone else. You need to be different. 

So what’s your niche?  

Are you the Russian volume queen? The go to for older ladies (with lots of money)? Bridal extraordinaire, the young hip salon? The lux expensive one? The discount last minute place? 

Do you want to specialize in just lashes? Do you want to do all beauty treatments? List is really endless. But we feel that you NEED to think about this before even taking your lash course. What do you have to offer the lash industry that’s not already in it and why does it NEED you in it? 

Knowing this will help you with literally everything. It will help you with your logo, your lash room or salon décor, your branding, your website, your social media even the way you take your bloody lash photos! 

Once this theme runs deep in your lash business you will be more confident and look like you got your shit together and are professional AF!

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