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So for anyone that has been living under a rock in 2020, COVID happened. 

COVID managed to shut down our own salon, all of our friend’s salons, other businesses from being able to operate, pretty much just shit on everyone. Made people get locked up in their own houses….and…..we all know the rest of the story.

So for us and everyone else we know, this caused and is still causing a great amount of stress. With stress, comes a great deal of thought and reflections. We have never seen the amount of reflections as what we have seen in the last 12 months.

We were not immune to this reflection either. For the months that we were shut down, we really reflected on our own lives and where we wanted to go. Not only that, we were fielding a load of questions from other salon owners all around the world and what we thought was normal thought processes, turned out to be quite the opposite.

This is where we had a moment and we had the realization that we wanted to help other salon owners create the business of their dreams. We have built a business that we are exceptionally proud of and operates the way that we want it to (for the moment) and we want other salon owners to experience the same feelings of accomplishments and proudness. 

And with that, we changed our direction and decided that we wanted to start doing One on Two Salon Coaching and Mentoring.

So after doing some trial members and seeing the results of their hard work and our commitments to them, we are ready to open up our Salon Coaching to everyone.

Our Salon Coaching is not a structured program because lets face it, a structured program is not for everyone. What we offer you is that we are here for whatever problems arises, whether it be gaining clients (and yes we have loads of Facebook posts and ads for this) building a commercial salon, trouble with staff or not knowing the first thing about staff, help with Mental Health, outsourcing, new treatments….basically anything that you need help with, we are here to walk you through and to help you create the business of your dreams.

We have lived and continue to live through the ups and downs of owning a salon and all the headaches that go with it, so we know a thing of two about how stressful and how much pressure you are under. Being a business owner does not have to be this way and with the right support network, it will not be that way any longer.

For more information head to our One on Two Salon Success Coaching page.

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