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So where to start with this. Everyone has their own ideas about what lash extensions are worth and I am no different. In our salon, Dee is the Airy Fairy one and I just work on straight facts and that is just how we work. 99% of the time, it works really well.

So today I was off in lala land while everyone was working and decided to jump on Facebook to drown out to funny dog videos and cars drifting, when a set of lash extensions filled my screen at a price that made my jaw hit the table.

After picking up my jaw and the concussion was subsiding I decided to google “average price of lash extensions in Australia.”

Well that was my first stupid mistake. I immediately saw red and for what I think was a valid reason but hey…I’m only 1 person. Not only did I find out that there is no such thing as an average price in Australia, but the numbers that were shown in the first 3 pages were so far under what we consider to be the industry standard, it made me really question the future of the Lash Extension industry.

What did I see that made me see red? Well, lash extension averages ranging from $80 – $120 per set and the average time for extensions being 1 – 1.5 hours. Classics being the $80 end and volume lashes being the $120 end.

Yep….I can feel my blood starting to boil again.

I can see yourself asking what are you losing it over? What is so bad about these figures? 

Well….in our salon, our full sets start at $149 and go up from there and we spend 2 hours on each set. Making sure that every possible lash, that is safe to lash, has been lashed. 

Our team is paid according to the Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2010 and their relevant pay scales. That pay scale is from $26.76 for a receptionist per hour monday to friday up to $30.82 for a Diploma Certified Beauty Therapist working monday to friday and of course, weekends are substantially more.

So if a set of lash extensions takes 2 hours to apply, that would be $27.40 (level 2 therapist) x 2 = $54.80. 

Now lets add the 9.5% superannuation to that figure, which is $54.80 x 1.095 = $60.01.

Back when we first started our salon, we calculated how much the products and disposables cost us for each individual treatment. We worked out that we were using about $12 per set of extension in products and disposable items, such as under eye pads, glue glue stickers etc etc etc…yep the list goes on.

When we add the $12 to our cost of staff of $60.01, that now makes the total cost of lashes $72.01 per set. 

You are thinking to yourself, well that is still a profit if I was charging $80 for a set of extensions…….well….actually no.

We have not added the basic essentials to this list such as rent, electricity, INSURANCE, advertising, INSURANCE, taxes, INSURANCE.

When we add all this up over a year, all of a sudden, that $80 set of lash extensions that you are advertising on Facebook or your local paper or wherever, you are effectively paying your client to come to you for a set of lash extensions. 

Some of you will be reading this and thinking, I work from a room in my home and I don’t have staff and all the overheads. Let me stop you there and explain that yes you do and yes you do.

The one thing that you should always be doing is paying yourself. You need to get into this habit NOW. Just because you are the owner and dont have all those other headaches, you SHOULD ALWAYS PAY YOURSELF.

Even in a home salon, you still have rent (even if someone else is paying it (it is a tax deduction at the end of the year)), electricity, INSURANCE, advertising, INSURANCE, products, taxes, training….this list is almost endless. Average these out over the year and you will be surprised at how much that one set of lashes actually costs you. All that money that you see coming in every week, will very quickly not be there when all the bills start coming in.

Take the time to actually look at your finances and understand how much each treatment you offer, actually costs you. You will be very surprised that your $80 set of lash extensions is actually costing you between $20 – $40 out of your own pocket…..for each set.

If you are not making the money that you think you should be and you feel like your prices are not right, why not jump over to our Pricing for Profits Course. This is what I use in the salon multiple times a day and I know exactly what every single treatment costs us, every time.


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