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This week was World Mental Health Week🖤.

For global mental health education, awareness and advocacy.

It is my goal to be the voice for those struggling with mental health in the lash and beauty industry. You are not alone.

I (Dee) am a huge advocate for Mental Health Awareness as I suffer severely from a mental illness and know how easy it is to hide behind social media and give the illusion of an amazing, happy and wonderful life when the reality of that is far from the truth.

Most debilitating and heart breaking of recent, are hand and body tremors that stop me from lashing which as anyone knows, is my love and passion.

But I still feel as though I am one of the lucky ones. I have a wonderful amazing hard-working dream-team who take care of my beautiful salon while I’m away and a supportive husband who has shown his love is truly unconditional😘.

Even though I may be known as Dee and the owner of Moore Beautiful and business coach at boss, there is a difficult, hard, negative, lonely side of that world too which I am sure many of you a familiar with. Mental illness is real, and although you cannot see it, you never know how someone is truly feeling. So always be kind🖤.

If you see someone who is struggling alone, or someone who has been off sick and absent a lot, reach out to them because you may just save their life🙏.


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